Ola, I’m Fabio Soares

Ola, I’m Fabio Soares, Digital Art & Video Director based in Paris.
I love santiags, tattoos, pin up, oldies, Z movies, sweet people, Japan, and a lot of things forgotten in this text! Hope you ll enjoy my work. ♥ Fabio

  • Fabio Soares and Mike Zonnenberg at Double Bang premiere, Max Linder, Paris

    Bitch, Popcorn & Blood, premiere

    Great premiere for my second movie Bitch, Popcorn & Blood, at Panorama Max Linder, Paris! My friend Mike Zonneberg also presented his movie Loos-en-Gohelle. More then 600 persons, an incredible audience and a lot of very enthusiastic comments. Grande première pour mon second film Bitch, Popcorn & Blood, au Panorama […]

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  • Bitch, Popcorn & Blood - Jane Badler

    Bitch, Popcorn & Blood – teaser!

    The teaser from my second movie « Bitch, Popcorn & Blood » (starring american cult actress Jane Badler, Cristina Blackwater, Jochen Hägele and Elise Gaiardo) is finally online! Premiere on november 22nd, in Paris, at the Panorama Max Linder. Watch it here. Le teaser de mon second film « Bitch, Popcorn & Blood » […]

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  • New hands tattoos, by Ashley Riot : a heart and a little indian

    New tattoo by Ashley Riot

    Just spent the weekend at Nantes Tattoo Convention. Ashley Riot made this two wonderful hands pieces. What a great tattoo artist… just love it! Weekend passé à la convention de tatouage de Nantes. Ashley Riot m’a réalisé ces deux merveilleuses pièces aux mains. Un super artiste-tatoueur… je les adore ! ♥ […]

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  • Live a little, shooting done! With Junksista, Arno Creignou and Fabio Soares

    Filming in Munich

    Great weekend of filming in Munich with german band Junksista, for « Live a little » video. Lots of fun as usual and some very special guests: The american football team Munich Rangers! Mémorable weekend de shooting à Munich avec le groupe allemand Junksista, pour le clip « Live a little ». Comme d’habitude, […]

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  • Bitch, popcorn & blood, poster news

    Official posters

    The Official posters from my second movie « Bitch, Popcorn & Blood » (starring american cult actress Jane Badler, Cristina Blackwater, Jochen Hägele and Elise Gaiardo) are finnaly revealed. You can see it here! Les affiches officielles de mon second film « Bitch, Popcorn & Blood » (avec l’actrice culte américaine Jane Badler, Cristina […]

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  • Junksista next video location in Munich, with Fabio Soares

    Junksista’s next video location

    Picture from Junksista’s next video location, in Munich! Shooting on september 2014 for one of the singles of their new album. Pretty cool, isn’t it? Une petite photo du lieu de tournage du prochain clip de Junksista, à Munich ! Tournage au mois de septembre pour l’un des singles de leur nouvel […]

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  • Bitch, popcorn & blood, by Fabio Soares, cast and crew

    Bitch, Popcorn & Blood

    Amazing filming for my second movie : ‘Bitch, popcorn & blood’, starring Jane Badler and Cristina Blackwater! Thank you everyone for this great moment, I ll never forget! Tournage incroyable pour mon second film : ‘Bitch, popcorn & blood’, avec Jane Badler et Cristina Blackwater ! Merci à tous pour […]

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  • International tattoo model Cristina Blackwater

    Cristina Blackwater

    Amazing international tattoo model Cristina Blackwater joined my upcoming movie! She will feature as a dark and unpredictable character and can’t wait to see her acting! No doubt that she gonna be great. La superbe modèle internationale Cristina Blackwater sera à l’affiche de mon prochain film. Elle incarnera un personnage sombre […]

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  • American cult actress Jane Badler joined Fabio Soares upcoming movie casting! Gonna be an amazing project for sure!

    Jane Badler

    I’m really proud to announce that american cult actress Jane Badler joined my upcoming movie casting! An incredible news, gonna be an amazing project for sure! Je suis très fier de vous annoncer la venue de Jane Badler – actrice américaine culte – sur mon prochain film. Une incroyable nouvelle […]

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  • Elise Gaiardo and Fabio Soares's short film, on the way to the Festival de Cannes?

    On the way to Festival de Cannes?

    What a story! No staff, no synopsis, no planning… Just a camera and an amazing actress (Élise Gaiardo), one night in Paris. We feeled extremelly inspired and now our improvising filming became a real movie. Will the Festival de Cannes 2014 be the happy ending of this incredible project? Wish […]

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  • Montmartre By Night : an improvised video shooting by Fabio Soares, with Elise Gaiardo

    Montmartre by Night

    Just had a great time with french actress Elise Gaiardo, making an improvised video shooting in Montmartre’s area. It was a really nice experience, writing the story while fiming in this incredible place at night. Video soon! Un très bon moment passé avec la comédienne Elise Gaiardo, lors d’un tournage […]

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  • Fabio Soares "Fuck Yeah" tattoo fingers by Laura Satana

    Fuck Yeah New Year

    Wish you a fuck yeah new year! Believe in you, move your ass and everything should be ok ;) Je vous souhaite une année pleine de Fuck Yeah ! Croyez-en vous, bougez-vous le cul et tout devrait bien se passer ;) Tattoo : Laura Satana Photo : Elise Gaiardo Model […]

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  • Shooting, Benedicte Beau by Fabio Soares, with Camille Brenier

    Shooting Benedicte Beau

    Shooting in Montmartre (Paris) for Bénédicte Beau. Geez, congrats to the models, the area was really frozen! Pictures soon, can’t wait to see the result :) Prises de vue à Montmartre pour Bénédicte Beau. Bravo aux modèles, on se pelait sévère! Clichés bientôt, impatient de voir le résultat :) ♥ Fabio

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  • Portrait of Fabio Soares, digital creativity teacher, by L'Ecole Multimédia in Paris.

    Portrait by L’Ecole Multimédia

    « Soyez créatif, curieux et mettez votre ego de côté ! » Portrait by L’Ecole Multimédia in Paris, a design school where I teach digital creativity. Read it here! Portait par l’Ecole Multimédia à Paris, école de design où j’enseigne la création digitale. A découvrir ici ! Merci à eux / Thanx […]

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  • Photo Shooting for Benedicte Beau by Fabio Soares

    Photo Shooting

    Upcoming, a nice photo shooting for Bénedicte Beau, fashion designer : Vintage dresses inspired from the 60’s. Shooting photo à venir avec la créatrice de mode Bénédicte Beau, création de robes vinages aux inspirations issues des années 60. Can’t wait / impatient ;) ♥ Fabio

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  • Life is unfair, Fabio Soares, Noémie Alazard, Diana S. (junksista)

    Life is unfair premiere

    Life is Unfair music video by Junksista, premiere. Small but best team ever! I’m very proud of this project and hope you gonna like it. Premiere du clip Life is Unfair par Junksista. Petite mais incroyable équipe ! Je suis extrêmement fier de ce projet et espère que vous l’apprécierez. […]

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  • Life is unfair, directed by Fabio Soares

    « Life is Unfair » video release

    Life is Unfair official release : 1st of November ! Shooted in Germany, performed by Junksista and directed by Noémie Alazard and me (of course!). Hope you gonna like it ;) > Album release party, 9th of November, in Paris, at the Bus Palladium. Sortie officielle du single  Life is unfair […]

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  • Fabio Soares new visiting card

    Visiting card

    New visiting card, just received a day ago and happy about it. More pictures in the artworks section. Nouvelle carte de visite, juste reçu hier et content du rendu ! Plus de photos dans la rubrique artworks. PS : we can see my foot / on voit mes pieds ! […]

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  • Visting my next movie location

    Next movie location

    Visiting my next movie location : a fabulous place that some of you may now if you like cool gigs in Paris ;) Repérage pour le tournage de mon second film : un magnifique lieu que certains d’entre vous connaissent sûrement ;) More news soon / Plus d’infos bientôt / […]

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  • Video shooting last week in Germany for next Junksista video: Life is unfair, by Fabio Soares

    Video shooting

    Video shooting last week in Germany for next Junksista video: Life is unfair. Tournage la semaine passée en Allemagne, pour le prochain clip de Junksista : Life is unfair. Coming soon / Prochainement / Can’t wait :) ♥ Fabio

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  • Workshop Junksista video : Life is Unfair with Noémie Alazard and Fabio Soares

    Workshop video « Life is unfair »

    Had a great time yesterday working on next Junksista video « Life is Unfair », with Noémie Alazard. We wrote an amazing story, hope everything gonna work as well as we imagine. Shooting this week end! Germany here we come :) Super moment passé hier sur la préparation du prochain clip de […]

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  • Interview of Fabio Soares by Florent Gilloury

    Interview Fabio Soares

    French interview of Fabio Soares by Florent Gilloury, for DVDpasCher. We discuss about a lot of cool subjects : Woman With No Name, upcoming projects, Junksista, personnal tastes, … Read the whole interview here. Interview de Fabio Soares par Florent Gilloury, pour DVDpasCher. Nous avons abordé beaucoup de sujets intéressants […]

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  • Fabio Soares on facebook

    I’m on facebook (hell yeah)

    Looks a bit like selfies : I’ve got my own Fabio Soares fanpage now! Don’t worry, I won’t post pics of myself, lolcats or others useless stuff. But I think it’s a cool way to keep in touch, share news and post artworks. Follow me here! Un peu d’égoïsteries : j’ai […]

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  • Fabio.fr finally online


    Ok, after years, I’m mainstream now, I ve got my own website fabio.fr. You can check my artworks (including only my fav’ ones) and have some news time by time. Also, you can follow updates with facebook! Hope you gonna like it! Ca y est, après des années, je suis […]

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  • Woman With No Name premiere at Panorama Max Linder

    Woman With No Name Premiere

    What can I say? More than 400 persons (we expected 150 – 200) for my movie « Woman With No Name » premiere at the Panorama Max Linder. A great moment, with positive people, huge actors, in a very famous french theatre, some free drinks (from my own!) and of course an […]

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