Fabio Soares - Design & Storytelling for brands & fiction


I’ve been lucky enough to teach design and storytelling for over 12 years now. Over the years, helping people learn about design has become a real passion. Sharing knowledge is a two-way experience: you pass on as much as you receive.

Since 2017, I’ve had the immense honor of being in charge of the creative curriculum at L’École Multimédia, where I try to create trainings in line with design, but also in line with the contemporary world, whose requirements are constantly evolving. The design professions involve a vast amount of knowledge, methods and skills, which must be constantly updated.

However, as a trainer, I don’t see myself as a transmitter of knowledge, but as a transmitter of passion. 

Design is a vast world, impossible to explore in its entirety. Learning design poses a constant question: where do I go from here? My role – as I see it – is to guide everyone along their own path. 

It may sound disturbing, but I never tell my students what to do, because that’s like showing them a path that’s mine, not theirs. A path limited by my own field of vision, since my knowledge represents only a tiny part of what design is all about. In order to move forward, they have to create their own way, a way that will lead them to horizons I myself have never explored. Daring to experiment for oneself is a key to this learning process. As such, I never describe any work as good or bad. The important thing is not the quality of the work at a given moment. The important thing is that the work is a step on a much longer journey. By sharing my passion, I hope to give everyone the desire to go as far as possible along this path.


L’École Multimédia
2017 – … / Paris
Head Teacher – Creative training program

L’École Multimédia
2012 – 2017 / Paris
Design & Art Direction

2023 / Paris
Visual Identity

Académie Carpentier
2018 / Paris

Sup de Pub
2014 – 2016 / Paris
Art Direction

2013 – 2017 / La Défense
Design & Art Direction


L’École Multimédia
2015 – … / Paris
Various Masterclasses “Design & Art Direction”

Festival du Cinéma Européen (FCEM)
2021 / Meyzieu
Masterclass “Cinema & Death Scenes”

2019 / Paris
Masterclass “Design & Creativity”

Frames Festival
2019 / Bordeaux
Masterclass “Cinema & Death Scenes”

Sup de Pub
2018 / Paris
Masterclass Cinema